Mingo Documentation



Write-Lock will prevent unintended changes on documents of a locked database.

Databases are locked by default. You may unlock the database from the database context menu. When trying to perform a write action on a locked database, Mingo will ask ask you to confirm the action by allowing to unlock the database for 10 minutes or completely.

Collections list

To view the list of all collections of a database, click the Collections & Stats in the database context menu. This is an alphabetical list with basic statistics. To view detailed information about a collection, just click on its row. To perform actions on a collection, use right-click on the row. 

You may also add a new collection in this view using the Create new collection button at the top.

Create a new database

To create a new database, click the "Create Database" button in the sidebar below the existing databases. Creating a new database is only possible in a connection and you (the user) must have relevant privileges.

This feature requires MongoDB's mongodump and mongorestore to be installed locally on your computer. If not found in the default PATH, Mingo will ask you to choose the location of these files. To install mongodump and mongorestore, refer to the documentation.

Here's how it works:

  1. Open Dump - right-click on database and choose Dump database...
  2. Select the collections to dump.
  3. Select the destination.
    • Directory - dump selected collections into a directory using the regular mongodump tool.
    • Archive - dump selected collections into an archive file using the regular mongodump tool with -archive directive.
    • Other database - copy collections into another database within current workspace.
    • New database - select a connection to create a new database in and choose a database name. Selected collections will be copied into the newly created database.
  4. Choose dump options (if relevant) - only gzip is currently available to compress the dump files.
  5. Choose restore options (if relevant) - only drop is currently available to drop the destination collection before copying the new data.
  6. Confirm action - before actually performing the dump / copy operation, Mingo will ask for confirmation explaining the planned steps.
You may leave the tab/view while the dump is being performed. Mingo will let you know when the action is finished with a beep sound.

Save dump settings

Mingo lets you save the current dump / copy settings and reuse them again quickly when needed. Settings are stored for the current database only. To save the settings, use the Save button in main menu bar. To open, use the Open button and select the settings.

Refresh database

If you need to refresh database information, collections and basic stats, you may do this manually using the context menu (right-click) on the database in sidebar and select Refresh. Mingo, however, does this automatically in the background.

Drop database

Dropping an entire database with all collections and their data is possible using the context menu (right-click) on the database in sidebar and selecting Drop database.... Mingo will ask for a confirmation.