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Why choose Mingo over Robo 3T

Private and Secure
Active development
Mingo introduces projects - wrappers on multiple connections to “sibling” databases, such as development, production or staging.
Aggregation builder
Interactive UI to build your pipelines - Lego style.
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Data Analyzer
Analyze data structure within a collection to spot errors, exceptions or spelling mistakes.
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Compare & Sync
Compare collections across databases and find changes in documents. Sync them with one click.
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Use our mingo:// protocol to open any query from your web or anywhere.
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Clickable foreign keys
Mingo recognises foreign keys in your documents and locates the document with one click.
Human-readable dates
How about {createdAt: #today} or {updatedAt: #last5weeks} ?
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Fulltext find on page
CTRL / CMD + F as you love it
Conditional formatting on columns
Interactive index builder GUI
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Inline Edit
Suggestions while typing
Quick search in indexed fields
Search for instead of {“username”: “”} in query.
Query history
Remember what you queried in each collection.
Multi-document actions
Export, copy, duplicate, update, delete, etc.
Bookmark any query, aggregation, shell command, etc.
Undo document changes with one click.
Collection management
Rename, drop, empty and create collections.
Collection stats
Export, copy, duplicate, update, delete, etc.
Pinned collections
Pin your most used collections to always keep them visible in the sidebar.
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Our happy customers

"A great alternative for Robomongo, Studio 3T or NoSQLBooster"
"You have solved those things that annoy me on Robo 3T. Good job."
Peter Perhac
"Love the interface for creating an index! The mix of WYSIWYG and code is really cool and helpful. :)"
Joris Griffioen
"Hello, Mingo team! Thank you so much for making this tool! I've been using a premium version for a few days now and all I can say is - hands down, the best MongoDB client ever. Period.️"
Vladimir Mikulic
"Hello, Mingo team! Thank you very much for - it makes dealing with MongoDB so much easier! ❤️"
Ion Bazan
"I want to see this product succeed. I already love it and prefer it much more than NoSQLBooster!"
Davide Alberto Molin
"Fast, tons of very useful features… nice to look at too… linux version…
Bought it next day.
Amazing software; thank you!"
"@mingo_io is an amazing tool, light years ahead of default Compass Tool by @MongoDB"

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