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Modern design
Mingo's intuitive, good-looking interface makes it a pleasure to work with your data.
Packed with features
Aggregator, data structure analyzer, the best documents viewer on market, etc.
By developers for developers
We created Mingo for us - developers.
We love it, you'll love it, too.

Smart Projects

Mingo introduces “projects”. Projects are wrappers on multiple connections to “sibling” databases, such as development, production, testing or staging. Mingo treats these databases as “similar”.

Thing shared across each database:

query history
pinned columns
settings and more...
Mingo smart projects

2-in-1: Table & tree view combined

We mixed tree view with table, just pin any fields to create columns and see your important data first.

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conditional formatting
align and more...
2-in-1: Table & tree view combined



Each connection and project has a separate workspace with its own tabs, history and settings.


Mingo uses tabs just like a browser with the same keyboard shortcuts you are used to.

Address bar

Each tab has an address bar. It is Mingo’s main navigation for selecting the collection to work with.

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Mingo navigation

and the list goes on...

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Inline Edit
Suggestions while typing
Human-readable dates
Simplified query for indexed fields
Query history
Foreign keys
Multi-document actions
Schema Analyzer

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Mingo is currently free.
Starting with version 1, Mingo will cost 19 Euro / year.

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Current version: 0.9.13