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Our happy customers

"A great alternative for Robomongo, Studio 3T or NoSQLBooster"
"You have solved those things that annoy me on Robo 3T. Good job."
Peter Perhac
"Love the interface for creating an index! The mix of WYSIWYG and code is really cool and helpful. :)"
Joris Griffioen
"Hello, Mingo team! Thank you so much for making this tool! I've been using a premium version for a few days now and all I can say is - hands down, the best MongoDB client ever. Period.️"
Vladimir Mikulic
"Hello, Mingo team! Thank you very much for - it makes dealing with MongoDB so much easier! ❤️"
Ion Bazan
"I want to see this product succeed. I already love it and prefer it much more than NoSQLBooster!"
Davide Alberto Molin
"Fast, tons of very useful features… nice to look at too… linux version…
Bought it next day.
Amazing software; thank you!"
"@mingo_io is an amazing tool, light years ahead of default Compass Tool by @MongoDB"
love at first sight

Mingo will make you fall in love with your data


Data Relations made easy

View data relations directly in the document. Mingo will recognize document references and shows you a preview or lets you open the document with one click.
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No more date filtering fatigue

Why do this:
"createAt": {
    "$gte": ISODate("2021-12-21T00:00:00Z"),
    "$lt": ISODate("2021-12-28T00:00:00Z")

When you can do this:

"createAt": #last7Days
And how about #last1month, #next7days, #since2022-02-25, #before2022-02-25
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Manage grid layout

We combined tree views with grid layout. 
Just pin any field to create column and see your important data as you wish to see them.

Private & Secure

With Mingo, you'll get a best user experience and peace of mind knowing your data is secure.
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Quick find in indexed fields

There are no shortcuts in life, but Mingo has a few!

Instead of {"": "+1 456 789 123"} write +1 456 789 123 and hit the search

Quickly jump to a collection

Open a new tab (CMD+T) and just type the collection name in Finder. Select from options and submit.
Paste any _id to Finder, and Mingo will find your document in any collection.
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get more done

Simplify workflow and get more done.

Speed up your work
Save your time by minimizing clicks and operations to get your work done.
Intuitive user experience
Intuitive, user friendly and sharp interface makes it fun to work with.
Private & Secure
All connections are private, no passwords and data are sent or stored outside your app.

Boost your productivity with these features

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Birds-eye view

Bring all your important data together in a high-level overview. Create your own dashboard with data you want to see.

Aggregations made easy

Interactive UI to build your pipelines - Lego style.
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MongoDB aggregation

Schema Analyzer

Analyze data structure within a collection to spot errors, exceptions or spelling mistakes.
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Compare & Sync entire databases

Compare collections, documents and indexes across databases and find changes. Simply sync them with one click.
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