Aggregation builder

MongoDB Aggregation: simplified and visualized

Aggregation: simplified and visualized

We all know how cumbersome creating aggregation pipelines in MongoDB can get. Remembering all the commands and operators and knowing what the results look like at each step is quite difficult. Plus, creating advanced aggregation pipelines can be very confusing.

Mingo’s Aggregator is here to help. With its visual UI, you get a great overview of what the pipeline does, what the results at each step are and whether you have any errors.

As you type, Aggregator provides autocomplete options, checks code validity and loads sample results for each stage. This way you see the immediate results, knowing whether your code does what you are expecting. If you are not sure about the proper use of commands, quick links to documentation are available.


Saving your work

We often reuse the pieces of code we’ve written before. Creating a simple “group by and count, then sort by” aggregation takes time and it’s always better to copy / paste the code. In Mingo, you can save your stages or entire pipelines for the future.

Using the aggregation pipelines

Whether you have come to crunch some data and send the results to a colleague or prepare a working pipeline for your Node.js project, Mingo will help you export your work. There are several functions available for you:

  • copy the pipeline as JS array or as a Node.js piece of code
  • export results (data) into clipboard or file (even zipped)
  • use the pipeline to create a new view on the collection

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