Deep links

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Deep linking from other apps or websites

Have you ever wondered if you could find a document in MongoDB by clicking at a link in your web admin or other app? Getting the _id, copying it, pasting into your MongoDB admin was the old way of doing it, right?

Now, you can create direct links using our mingo:// protocol that automatically focus Mingo, open a new tab and execute the command you need.

For example, you could add a button in your web admin’s list of users that will find the user in your DB.

Deep link format:
for connection:
for project:

Formatting notes:

  • connection, database, project and environment should be their deburred lowercased names: 'My project' => 'my-project'
  • query and sort should be encoded with encodeURIComponent (JS) or equivalent
  • collection name is case sensitive (Users != users)
  • query can take simple values and Mingo will use its Quick Search feature to find the matching documents
  • ?useCurrentTab=true prevents opening a new tab and uses the currently focused one

Few examples:

  • mingo://localhost/mydb/documents/Messages/{user: 'j8niTmhsLAQxnxqjD'}/{createdAt: 1}
  • mingo://localhost/mydb/documents/Messages/{type: 'updated'}/{createdAt: 1}
  • mingo://myproject/production/documents/Users/j8niTmhsLAQxnxqjD?useCurrentTab=true

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