Mingo Documentation

Getting started



Mingo is available for Mac (OSX), Linux and Windows. You can download Mingo at our download page

Apple / Mac (OSX)Mingo for Apple is available in three formats: DMG, ZIP, PKG. We recommend the DMG format. 
Download the latest version here.
LinuxMingo for Linux is available in tree formats: AppImage, Deb, Snap. 
Download the latest version here.
WindowsFor windows, Mingo is packaged as NSIS. 
Download the latest version here.

Windows shows an alert before installation saying "Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting...". The reason is that we didn't bother buying an over-priced developer license. This alert will not show once "a fair number of users install the app". 
Please bear with us. Thank you!

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Migration from other apps

Since most other MongoDB GUIs encrypt their connection data, we are not able to import these settings easily to Mingo. Furthermore, Mingo's projects are a new concept and so we cannot import them.

Setting up connections and projects in Mingo take a few seconds, just copy your Mongo URI and you'll be set to go. Thanks for understanding.