Mingo Documentation


What is Mingo

Mingo is the latest addition to the family of MongoDB Admin tools, yet it aspires to be the most widely used of all such tools. The goal is to create the most user-friendly and fastest app, packed with features helping (mainly) Javascript / NodeJS developers in managing their MongoDB. Let's see if we can make it :-).

Our team

Mingo is being developed by David and Rad. We are not even a small start-up and we haven't raised any money to build Mingo. Just two guys enjoying our work. We'd like to create a small helpful app, get to know nice people, and learn a lot along the way.

Submitting issues

To make Mingo really useful, we need your feedback. So if you happen to find a bug, report it, please. 
Don't dismiss Mingo right away. Thank you.

Feature requests

Ideas, feature requests, and even minor usability issues are the caffeine that keeps us rolling
Please, submit your ideas on Github.