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Mingo Documentation


What is a connection?

connection is exactly what you are used to from other MongoDB GUIs. Connections allow full database and connection management.

Creating a connection

To create a new connection, click the workspace selector (top left) and select the Add new connection / Project option. In the modal window, choose to Create a connection.

Connection options
ColorSelect a color that will represent your connection in Mingo. Collections, tabs, and other UI elements will be using this color to remind you what collection you are working with.
NameChoose a short descriptive name for your connection. Examples: "Localhost", "My project", etc.
FaviconAn optional favicon to represent the connection. You may use an image or a Font Awesome icon.Image / icon - use the URL of the image or ico fileFont Awesome icon - use any Font Awesome icon. Make sure to add the full classname of an icon, for example fal fa-home.
Mongo URIThe mongo URI of your connection. This could be in standard or SRV format. In the case of sharded connections, include the URI with all sharded connections separated by a comma. MongoDB URI documentation can be found here.
Connect using SSHIn case you need to use an SSH tunnel to connect to your database, select this option and fill in the details: Password or private key required, but not both. Click the "Use default" link to guess your private key path.

Updating a connection

To update an existing connection, click the workspace selector (top left) and then click pencil icon by the connection you would like to update. Follow the same rules as for Creating a connection.

Refreshing a connection

Mingo will regularly scan your connection for databases and collections. In case you need to refresh the connection, you can do it manually using the workspace selector and clicking on "Refresh". This is, however, rarely necessary, as Mingo will do it automatically (for example, when collection is added, removed, renamed, etc).

Deleting a connection

To delete an existing connection, click the workspace selector (top left) and then click pencil icon by the connection you would like to delete. At the bottom left of the modal window, click the Delete connection... This will ask you for confirmation before deleting the connection.

Delete connection
Deleting a connection from Mingo WILL NOT delete any data from the server. It will only delete the connection to the database from Mingo.