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7 hidden features that make Mingo so addictive

This is a simple list of Mingo’s features you are going to love. Some of them are not immediately obvious in the UI, but make your data-browsing experience incomparable to existing alternatives, such as Robo 3T (Robomongo), Studio 3T or noSqlBooster.

Quick search

Indexed fields can be searched swiftly by using the value as query. For example: if the collection has an indexed field slug, a query "expensive" will be converted to {slug: "expensive"} automatically. Since most collections have multiple indexes, Mingo will search for the value in all indexed fields and show you the resulting query that found results.

For example, you could copy an _id “KdMKY4qzDik3sm6CE” from your admin and paste it as a query. Mingo will look for the value in all indexed fields (_ids are always indexed) and show you the real query you meant to use: {_id: “KdMKY4qzDik3sm6CE”}.

Paste & Go

This is a great feature, especially combined with Quick Search. Pressing CMD+G / CTRL+G will paste the current clipboard value into the query field and submit it. The pasted value could be a regular query or just a phrase or _id copied from your admin or other app.

Human-readable dates

Forget about the complicated queries such as

  "createAt": {
    "$gte": ISODate("2020-02-21T00:00:00Z"), // or new Date(…)
    "$lt": ISODate("2020-02-28T00:00:00Z") // or new Date(…)

Mingo will understand the following:

{ "createdAt": #lastWeek }

There are many other intuitive helpers to filter your documents by dates. Read more about Querying by dates - the human way.

Clickable foreign keys (_id)

Mingo understands the _id format within your collections and highlights all possible foreign keys in your data. With one link, you can find the corresponding document. This is a game-changing feature.

Aggregation builder

Inline edit

Double-click any field to edit it in place. You may also just hover over a field and press E.

Aggregation builder

Automatic quotes in queries

Mingo will automatically correct your missing quotes in queries. Submitting the following query:

{ user.lastName: "Pear"}

will be automatically corrected to:

{ "user.lastName": "Pear"}

Autosuggest in navigation while typing

Opening a new tab with specific content is very fast with Mingo’s Navigator.

  • CMD+L / CTRL+L opens and focuses the navigator
  • Start typing the name of the collection
  • Use the up / down arrow keys to select the collection you need
  • Use the right / left arrow keys to select the view (Documents, Aggregator, etc.)
Aggregation builder

Mingo’s keyboard shortcuts

We are all tired of new shortcuts we have to learn. Mingo’s shortcuts mimic what you are already used to from a browser or your dev tool.

However, Mingo also has some new intuitive “hovering” shortcuts. Just hover over a document and press space or X to select the document. Or hover a document and CMD+C / CTRL+C to copy document value.
Hovering over a field and pressing CMD+C / CTRL+C will copy the field’s value.

A complete list of keyboard shortcuts and tricks can be found inside the Mingo app.

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