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v1.9.1 - 9 Aug 2022

It's the middle of summer now, so this version is LIGHT 🙂 with some minor issues corrected and some stabilization changes.

  • Field named "length" prevented expanding the object in Documenst view
  • "Find in page" functionality improved to find specific words and hightlight them.
  • NodeShell - pinned columns had capitalized headings, this was removed.
  • New keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs introduced: Cmd+Shift+[ and Cmd+Shift+]
  • New settings option - "Focus existing tab with same collection" to prevent opening too many useless tabs.
  • Aggregation - change source did not update the view and data properly.
  • Added NumberLong() support in edit document.
  • Connections - when Mingo goes online (after being offline or the machine was in sleep mode) it refreshes all currently opened connections.
  • Dates tag recognized even within quotes fixed: {field: "#2022"} does not throw an error any more
  • Many minor UX improvements.

Expect many new features in autumn (fall)!

v1.9.0 - 20 Jun 2022

In this version, we focused on small, but useful, UX improvements, bug fixes and we also added account creation in Mingo to simplify subscription management.

  • Data relations - Understand numeric _id's, too
  • Data relations - support for non-root fields for preview
  • Editor font updated
  • Contrast color improved in conditionally formatted columns
  • Simplified adding new databases in project management
  • Improved _id type detection: _id type is detected for each collection separately. It used to be assumed that each collection in a database has the same type of _id values.
  • Document context menu - added doc info, such as size, fields count.
  • Document context menu - added "Filter by value".
  • and loads of minor improvements...

v1.8.1 - 26 May 2022

  • Data Relations - Mingo analyzes relations between collections and shows more human info about referenced documents than just its _id
  • New macOS icon
  • UI zooming options (CTRL+ or CTRL-), CMD on macs
  • New keyboard shortcuts for multi-document actions
  • Sounds are optional (Preferences)
  • Rename a tab available
  • DoubleClick on field name to rename it
  • New column options to rename field and update values, cast values to different types
  • and about a hundred minor bug fixes, UX improvements

v1.8.0 - 20 Apr 2022

v1.7.0 - 09 Feb 2022


  • Apple Silicon M1 support
  • Aggregator - added support for $search stage
  • Edit document JSON readability improvement
  • Autofocus query input when a new tab is opened
  • Documents viewer - horizontal scrolling allowed for more columns
  • Production mode - better safety with operations such as truncate, rename, drop on collections and databases
  • Schema Analyzer - improved UI, more options
  • about a 100 minor improvements/fixes we found along the way…


  • Idle CPU usage
  • Compare / Sync - error when comparing by _id
  • Improved app state saving
  • Google Analytics replaced with Mixpanel